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Frequently Asked Question

Who are Software Developers?

A software developer is an IT specialist, a programmer, who builds programs and IT platforms for automating work, processing large volumes of information and complicated mathematical tasks with the help of computer science

What’s the Difference Between Frontend and Backend Developers?

Front-end developers are responsible for interaction with users and for making their experience more convenient. What people see when they access a site or application is made by front-end programmers. They are also responsible for the design. Their languages are JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Back-end developers are focused on the processes that make the software work. In other words, they deal with everything that relates to the program-administrative part of web app development, the internal content of the system and the server technologies – databases, architecture and program logic.They are also responsible for updates and mistakes correction.

How Much does a Software Developer Make a Year?

Programming involves multiple tasks managed by many specialists.

High-level specialists work on complex technical projects, monitor the implementation process at all stages, provide consultations and often have a leadership role in the workgroup. Such specialists can make about $150 000 a year.

Beginners in software development are the most likely to work as part of a support group, which mainly perform coding and debugging throughout the application development process under the supervision of higher-level specialists. Application programmers and software engineers at the beginner level make about $70 000 a year.

How to Find a Good Software Developer

To find a good specialist you need to look through candidates’ previous experience. Talking of software development in particular, the main achievements are real clients and their feedback about the applications/software solutions created by a software developer.

There are certain sites for finding freelancers in the IT sphere: 

However, if you’re planning a big project with complex technical requirements, a freelancer won’t the best choice. For professional execution of the whole cycle of development: from architecture to prototyping, programming, compilation, testing and online launch, you need not only an app programmer but designers and testers as well. So, the best option in this case is to choose a development agency.

Who is a Good Business Application Developer?

Business apps are multifunctional software systems designed to automate key business functions and processes. Such apps improve the daily routine of a business, reduce paperwork and improve overall management procedures.

A good business app developer is a top professional who is not only able to develop a highly functional business tool, but also to study a company’s work processes, identify its strengths and weaknesses, understand what stakeholders need, and find the right solutions to business problems.

Why is UX important for business?

There are many reasons why focusing on user experience can be beneficial for businesses. Essentially, there are two factors that make user experience very important.

First, user experience can help you increase revenue.
People are impatient, so it’s important to consider how you can reduce user effort to maximize the number of conversions for your product.

Second, investing in usability up front can significantly reduce costs down the road.
Preventing potential usability issues up front is far more cost-effective than fixing them later through product changes. Finally, design changes are much easier to make than development changes, and therefore less expensive.


What should we know about UX?

Here are the most important things everyone should know about UX work: UX is not (just) UI. It’s a common mistake to confuse UX with UI, as if the two are the same thing. UI is the space where interactions between people and a product take place, while user experience is the emotional outcome of interactions with a product.
Design is based on an explicit understanding of users, tasks, and environments. If you want to design a product that your users will love, you need to have an idea of what your audience actually wants and needs. And that means user research should be an essential part of the UX design process.

What does Prototyping means?

Prototyping is creating a model of a product so it can be tested. Prototypes allow you to test your hypothesis before you spend time with an engineering team building the actual product. Another common mistake is to skip prototyping and instead spend a lot of time building the actual product.

Is there any standardizations for UX?

Standards and best practices are tools that UX designers rely on, and the better we listen to these standards, the better our UX capabilities. That’s why the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created a set of common user experience standards, ISO 9241-210

What is the design process?

The user experience design process is an iterative method that helps you continuously improve and refine your designs. It involves repeatedly moving through different phases, evaluating your designs at each stage. Each phase involves relevant stakeholders in your organization who participate in the process to make your products highly efficient and user-friendly.

What is user centered design?

User centered design is a process or set of tools used to design a service that focuses on user needs from the beginning and continues throughout development to launch. Typically, services are developed from a technical and business perspective, with users considered later. User-centered design, on the other hand, ensures that the service focuses on the users’ needs and balances them with the technical and business requirements.

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